Welcome, Quince

In part to combat our pigeon problem, and mostly for companionship, we brought home a tabby kitten from the animal shelter. (What a relief to find that it’s not a sad place to visit; I’d imagined it as much more poignant than it is, and the volunteers were wonderful.)

In keeping with Guava‘s name, and after consulting a food encyclopedia, we’ve named him Quince. He came home yesterday and spent much of the night roaming, purring loudly, and nesting in my hair.

An added benefit: now it’s not all about Vivian, who is quickly adjusting to not being the absolute center of attention.

3 Responses to “Welcome, Quince”

  1. kika pica says:

    Hey cute kittle!

  2. kika pica says:

    Wait a minute! The new cat gets a post of his own and no mention of the fact that I came to visit!?

    Play nice or I’ll tell the world how you cheat at crossword puzzles.

  3. Courtney says:

    Well, there’s just all kinds of great things happening around Sage these days!

    Does Sage really cheat at crosswords? The cat is out of the bag now.