New This Winter: Nine-Week Weekday Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training in Central North Carolina

yoga teacher training chapel hill carrboroThe Carolina Yoga Company yoga teacher training, which I lead with my business partner Lies Sapp, is constantly evolving. While core features of the program are a constant—lots of practice teaching, exposure to a broad range of styles and approaches to yoga, a sense of humor even as we take yoga quite seriously—we always make tweaks to serve the students in the best way possible. Recently, we dropped our group field trip to visit hot yoga and added an extremely well received session with Zach Ward of DSI Comedy Theater on improvisational techniques.

One of our big innovations for 2017 is offering a completely new format for this wonderful content. We’re calling it the nine-week weekday hybrid, as it sits somewhere in between our eight-month, one-weekend-a-month program and our three-week summer intensive.

img_5455Here’s how it works: we meet over nine weeks on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 9:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. (You’ll notice this corresponds with the school schedule and accommodates those working in the service industry evenings and weekends.) We start January 10, 2017, and finish on March 9 (before the schools head out on spring break). Students will get the benefit of weekly meetings alongside the benefit of four-day weekends to let the teachings sink in.

Our plan is to run this hybrid format in about the same time frame in odd-numbered years, and to keep our three-week summer intensive (a favorite of college students, schoolteachers, and out-of-towners) in even-numbered years. We offer a summer intensive of our advanced studies teacher training in odd-numbered years, so this frees up time and energy for us to devote to that wonderful program, which I co-teach with Mira Shani.

We have some very excited students already enrolling, and an attractive early bird discount for those who pay in full by November 15. Read more and get started with your application here!

Introducing the Carolina Massage Institute: Your New Massage School


I’ve been conducting in-depth research into the benefits of frequent massage for over 20 years. Quite seriously, I very much recommend massage for athletic recovery. It is the subject of a full chapter in my Athlete’s Guide to Recovery, and I’ve written about self-massage both there and in Runner’s World. Many of my students and friends are massage therapists and bodyworkers, and they love their jobs.

If you would like to love your own job as a massage therapist, please consider the Carolina Massage Institute! This is a brand-new massage school in Hillsborough, North Carolina—right in the middle of the state—housed in the building that also hosts Hillsborough Yoga Company and the soon-to-open Hillsborough Spa and Day Retreat. I co-own all of these ventures with my wonderful business partner, Lies Sapp. In Carolina Massage Institute, we are joined by some wonderful colleagues.

Sara Owens, our program director, is a graduate of our yoga teacher training, a longtime teacher at our studios, and possessor of a wonderful résumé that includes work owning Market Street Coffee, a successful chain of local coffee shops, and, recently, work as the crime analyst for the Town of Carrboro. She’ll keep these up while administering CMI.

Ruth Newnam, our director of education, is another longtime Carrboro Yoga teacher and a skilled massage therapist who works on me, my husband, and many of the athletes in town, including my friends at UNC Men’s Basketball. She’s owner of Carrboro Massage Therapy, so in addition to her hands-on experience, she can speak to running a successful therapy practice. Ruth has been hard at work putting together a useful, practical, innovative curriculum. She’ll be joined by a skilled faculty that together has decades of experience. Our staff includes two other hypercapable Carrboro Yoga teachers: physical therapist Laura Terry and massage therapist Helen Tapper.

Wherever you are on your massage therapy journey, we offer support:

Please visit the Carolina Massage Institute website to sign up for our newsletter, apply for the program that will lead you to your dream job, and stay current with your CEUs.

Scheduled: Another Mother Runner Podcast Recording LIVE in Spokane

Dimity, me, and Sarah

Dimity, me, and Sarah

As part of my work at the Another Mother Runner retreat in Spokane next weekend, I’ll be the guest on the first-ever live recording of the wonderful Another Mother Runner podcast. It’s always a blast to chat with Sarah and Dimity, and it’ll be even better to do it in person! We’ll talk about Core Strength for Real People and more.

If you’re in town, join us live—there’s even a party with refreshments and swag!

What: Another Mother Runner Podcast Recording and Party
When: Thursday, September 22, 2016, 7:00–9:30 p.m.
Where: Fleet Feet Sports Spokane, 1303 North Washington Street

Register for free here!

Scheduled: The Living Stage Spokane Revitalizing Yoga


As part of my teaching at the Another Mother Runner Retreat in Spokane, Washington, next weekend, I’ll be presenting a short (only 30 minutes!), doable (really, by anyone!) revitalizing yoga session. The retreatgoers will be recovering from that morning’s Happy Girls races—a 5K, 10K, and half marathon. Consequently, the session will be accessible to anyone. I’ll talk about how yoga can boost your recovery from training, racing, and life in general (say, a Saturday of raking leaves, or cleaning house, or washing cars), and I’ll lead everyone through some easy, enjoyable yoga moves to relieve tension, boost mood, and leave us feeling revitalized for the evening.

What: Revitalizing Yoga
When: Saturday, September 24, 5:00–5:30 p.m.
Where: Hotel RL, Spokane, Washington

This event is free and open to anyone! Read more here, and just walk in to enjoy.

Watch: Teaching Yoga to Athletes Intensive 2016

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-3-40-35-pmThe videos I’ve been posting one by one from my summer Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive are now available as a package. You can choose it in standalone format, or subscribe to YogaVibes and access not only this series, but also dozens more classes with me.

Teaching Yoga to Athletes Intensive 2016

Filmed live during Sage Rountree’s 2016 Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive, this series of five videos will help you effectively teach yoga to athletes.  Flexibility, strength, mobility, stability, focus, body awareness and restoration…these are all important when it comes to helping athletes achieve peak performance. Led by Sage Rountree, a widely-celebrated yoga for athletes specialist, this 5-part series builds on her 10-part series from 2015. Learn a variety of yoga-inspired techniques, sequences and stretches to best support your athletes during all phases of their training.

See the full package at YogaVibes.

Scheduled: USA Triathlon Art and Science of Coaching Conference

1357c5c5-1c79-4586-a930-63f82fa0c743USA Triathlon puts a lot of care and thought into its coaching education programs, and the flagship is the biannual Art and Science of Coaching Conference. The 2016 edition will be held at the Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center downtown in Atlanta, Friday, October 21, and Saturday, October 22.

Once again, I’m pleased to be part of the lineup, alongside wonderful colleagues like Bobby McGee, Ian Murray, Allen Lim, and more. I’ll teach yoga and talk about the real secret to performance: proper value of and attention to recoverySee the full schedule, presenter bios, and details here.

See you there, coaches!

Watch: Yoga for Athletes Teachers’ Lounge: Reverse Vinyasa

Day 5 of my 2016 Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive included a short practice featuring an alternative to the standard plank–chaturanga–up dog–down dog vinyasa. Repetitive movements lead to imbalances, both in sports training and in asana practice. Shaking up our habitual patterns helps us build new movement pathways and avoid injury.

Training can lead to sport-specific imbalances—and so can asana practice! In this short lesson, filmed during day 5 of Sage’s Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive, we explore a minor change to the typical plank-chaturanga-up dog vinyasa that both challenges and balances the body. (17 mins.)

Watch the full video and dozens more from me at YogaVibes.

New! Core Strength for Real People: Planks

The first of the month means a new video is live at Core Strength for Real People! This one features a familiar pose—the plank—in varying modifications and orientations to gravity.

Enjoy the preview above, and buy or rent the entire video at the Core Strength for Real People page. Better yet, subscribe, and for less than the price of one Pilates or yoga class, you’ll get access to the entire library, and a new video to challenge you each month. This is the tenth one to be posted, and there are lots more fun challenges in the queue! Get started now.

Watch: Yoga for Athletes Teachers’ Lounge: Balance Play

Day 4 of my 2016 Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive included a practice with some fun balance play. Balance is critical to athletic performance and athletic longevity—and so is a sense of humor. You’ll see what a good time we are having here!

Balance is crucial for injury prevention in athletes and everyone. In this practice, recorded on day 4 of Sage’s 2016 Teaching Yoga to Athletes Intensive, we explore balance with a sense of humor. Learn how changing a pose’s relationship to gravity can make it sweeter or spicier, allowing you to customize to suit your needs and tastes. (46 mins.)

View the full class at YogaVibes.

Watch: Yoga for Athletes Teachers’ Lounge: Yoga for Athletic Recovery

Day 3 of my 2016 Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive focused on the psychology of the athlete and on athletic recovery. This was fitting, as that morning I’d yet again rolled my ankle running on the trails. This happens once or twice a year, and it leaves me laid up for several weeks, yet I continue to run trails because it gives me such joy. After a discussion of this and other examples of the psychological quirks of athletes, we moved into a mellow practice to help foster athletic recovery. (For a full take on this, please read The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery.) You’ll see my wrapped ankle propped on a chair in the video of the practice, which you can stream and follow along with at YogaVibes.

Recovery is the key to performance. In this practice, filmed on day 3 of Sage’s 2016 Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive, we enjoy two sequences to relax and restore tired backs and hips. Both appear in EVERYDAY YOGA: Six Moves of the Spine, Prone, One Leg, and Six Moves of the Spine, Supine, One Leg. Along the way, we see how these foster balance in the body, and especially the nervous system. (55 mins.)