Sage Yoga Training: Core Flow

Core Flow

This challenging flow targets the core in plank poses, a roll-up/roll-down sequence, and a bridge series. To modify the exercises, bend your knees. If you have issues with your neck or back, please watch the sequence through and consider skipping the roll-over portion.

Once you’re familiar with these exercises, you can add repetitions, keying each motion to your breath and moving in your own time.

Music for the episode is “Kereshme,” by Stellamara, from the DJ Cary album “Eastern Grooves,” available at

I Am Married to a Triathlete

Wes gracefully completed his first triathlon yesterday, maintaining a sense of humor throughout. He had a very late start, 10:40 a.m., for the 500-yard swim, which he found disorienting but managed to complete without freaking out. After a strong ride he had little left for the hilly 5K course, but he was smiling whenever I found him and isn’t hurting today, so it was a very positive experience!

And doesn’t he look fine in his outfit? You can see in the running picture the kind of terrain we had to cover. This was taken near the top of a quarter-mile hill we had to climb twice. Phew!

Ants in My Pants

I’m too antsy.

I’ve been waiting to hear back from Magnatune so I can add their great music to my next podcast episode. It’s been five days, and I’m laughing at how impatient it’s making me. No one imposed any podcasting deadlines on me. Wes actually convinced me to ease off my self-imposed deadline of every other week in favor of once a month.

Still, I have this impatient energy bubbling up. I know why. I hate having things out of my hands; I’d rather be in control. And I have not only this minor music issue pending, but bigger things, the biggest being the word on my book proposal. Just because I move fast—too fast, much of the time—when someone makes a request of me doesn’t mean everyone else does, or should. Just because I never take vacations doesn’t mean others don’t. It just means I should.

Add to that the physical effects of a prerace taper, even the two easy days I’ve lined up before the first triathlon of the year this Saturday, and you have one antsy-pantsy Sage. A real joy to be around, I’m sure!

Fug, Yeah

My daily pop-culture update comes from reading “The Fix” on Salon while eating dried apricots as a lunch dessert. After that, I turn to Go Fug Yourself for some schadenfreude. The writing is catty but brilliant, and the post-Oscar rundown is inspired.

If The Simpsons Was a British TV Show

I Need Ad Advice

Now that I have a gorgeous logo, I’m going to change my ad in Endurance Magazine to highlight my expanded services (private lessons, podcast, the USAT credential). I can run a color ad as part of the editing trade arrangement, and I can run one in the Charlotte issue, too. (Thanks, Steve!)

How should I phrase it? What would draw you in? Here’s my draft:

Be flexible, be strong, be focused

Private, group, and podcast yoga lessons
Referrals happily given

and then the text of my business card.



Wooooo! Go, Heels! Roy, you are my Coach of the Year. Tyler, how nice to see that almost-tearful smile of joy.

Podcast 3 Coming Soon

After taking down the wind chimes, chasing a particularly loud wren off the porch, and huddling over the microphone in my blanket tent, I’ve got the voice track for the third episode of the podcast recorded. (Teaser: Seven-minute abs, yoga style.) But I’ve already exhausted my copyright-free music supply. I don’t want to impose on Alex, and my attempt to create my own track in Garage Band delighted my children but was woefully repetitive and even annoying. (Think eight measures of tabla looped for eight minutes, with vibes and “deep house bells” sprinkled throughout.)

And then I found Magnatune, which has a whole catalog of really cool music—acoustic, ambient, world, etc.—perfect for yoga practice. And they will share. They want to share. Hooray!

I’m in “sponsorship negotiations,” if you can call talking to a dear friend who offered to help out negotiations, with Donia about having Carrboro Yoga Co. sponsor upcoming episodes, in exchange for a USB compressor mic and a mic stand.

What a fun project. Thanks again, Courtney, for turning me on to this.

Gallows Humor

The history of ECU I’ve been working on is a little dry. For example, one chapter was a line-by-line description of the university’s five-year plans since 1975. Imagine my delight at finding this story buried deep in the chapter on the history of the medical school. It’s told by the first dean of the school, remembering the days the twenty-student program shared space with the Department of Biology.

We once received a cadaver we badly needed for Gross Anatomy. The cadaver arrived unannounced in the late morning at the peak of campus activity at the loading dock of the biology building. The cadaver was a tall, large man, and we were unable to get his carrying case into the small elevator. It was necessary to remove the cadaver and stand him up in the elevator to get to the fourth floor. Unfortunately, this elevator serviced the entire biology tower. On our way to the cadaver storage area on the fourth floor, we were lucky that it stopped only on the third floor. But before we could get the doors closed, two chatting and totally unaware young coeds entered. When they looked up, one fainted into the arms of the other (fortunately), and the other was screaming. We felt bad that we had to leave them there, but we thought we would only cause more confusion and disruption by staying. By the time we returned to check on the two students, they were gone. Long gone, we were told. We never heard from the two unfortunate and scared young women, but we did hear from the elderly: the president, the provost, assorted deans, and an irate chairman of the Department of Biology.

ACC Cartoons

Click here to see a great satirical clip about the man we love to hate, Rat Face himself. Go, Heels!

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