Locks of Love at Starlu

Click here to read about the Locks of Love event at Starlu in Durham, Wes’s favorite restaurant. Sam Poley, the chef/owner, is a sweet, affable guy. If you have ten inches of hair, here’s your chance to be on The Today Show. You’ll get breakfast in return, which is sure to be more satifsying than the postcard thank you I got when I donated my hair in 2004. (Of course, the gratification is in the donation itself, but a free meal and fifteen minutes of fame is nice!)

Sage Yoga Training, Episode II: Revenge of the Lunge

I’ve gotten the second podcast together, with some help from my friend Alex. He showed me how to record the voice track in a “tent” created by draping my blanket over my head, desk, and monitor. (He tells me it would sound even better if I crawled into my coat closet with the mic.) And he contributed the second track of music for this episode, which by his description is “too creepy and minor” for yoga, but it beats replaying the music from the first episode. (Anyone got non-copyrighted ambient music to share?)

My voice isn’t at its best—you can hear the congestion that’s dogged me for ten days now—but I met my self-imposed schedule of a new episode every two weeks.

As ever, comments are most welcome.

Sage Yoga Training: Lunge Series

Lunge Series

A seven-minute series of low lunges to practice after your workout. Each pose is held for thirty seconds to improve your flexibility. (Once you’re familiar with the sequence, you might like to hold each pose even longer to work deeper.) You’ll be stretching the hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, and lower leg, while also releasing the muscles of your lower back.

You’ll want a soft surface to cushion your knees: a field, a rug, a mat, a folded towel. Take each stretch to the point of intensity, but no further, and don’t forget to breathe.

Thanks to Mandy Devetsky for taking the pictures my five-year-old couldn’t get, and to Alex Maiolo for the second song (no part of his music can be used without permission).

Beta Web Site Live

Is it a contradiction in terms for a Web site to be both “beta” and “live”? At any rate, you’ll see it here.

I’d love to get feedback: “That color is weird,” “That link didn’t work,” etc.

Podcast episode two is just waiting for music. Hope to have it up tomorrow afternoon.

I’m looking out the window at falling snow, while yesterday it was, literally, 77 degrees.

Going Method

Dear Lindsey,

I love your American impulse, but what were you thinking? Celebrate once it’s over, honey!!!



The pretty-much-final logo design. It’ll go on the podcast, the Web site, an ad in Endurance, business cards.

I have an elaborate interpretation of the semiotics: the wavy line represents the upward trend of training results, supported by the sage green (yeah, I know), while also looking like the curves of a bottom (heh, heh) and back, etc., etc. Mostly, I just think it’s simple and beautiful.


Happy Valentine’s Day

I am in love!!! Joey Cheek is just darling.

Lazy in Lubberland

Surely there is no place in the world where the inhabitants live with less labour than in North Carolina. It approaches nearer to the description of Lubberland than any other, by the great felicity of the climate, the easiness of raising provisions, and the slothfulness of the people. . . . To speak the truth, ’tis a thorough aversion to labor that makes people file off to N[orth] Carolina, where plenty and a warm sun confirm them in their disposition to laziness for their whole lives.

—William Byrd II, William Byrd’s Histories of the Dividing Line Betwixt Virginia and North Carolina (1728)


On the subject of bottoms and banjos, Jonathan Coulton’s masterful cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.”

Photo by Bear

Since bottoms are hysterical in our house, I performed an elaborate bottom-shaking dance to banjo music to get these smiles.

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