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I offer books, consulting, training plans, and personal coaching to help you use training and racing as a means for connection in your life.

books on athletic recovery and mindful racing

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race consultation

When you want some help choosing, planning, and learning to properly pace your goal race, it’s worth booking a private race consultation. Over the course of a few phone or Skype calls and e-mails, we’ll collaborate to clarify your intention and goals for the race, develop a nutrition and hydration plan, nail down race pacing and strategy, and sharpen mental skills so you will race to your personal best.

Contact Sage to get started.

Price: $500.00

training plans

Train using my system while managing your own schedule. You can post plans on your refrigerator or add them to your TrainingPeaks account.

In Training Peaks, you can drag and drop workouts to customize your schedule. Each plan contains an overview, daily workouts, and advice on figuring out your nutrition to support the best possible experience come race day.

Many of the free plans have useful comment threads attached, so you can see others’ questions and my answers.

plans on TrainingPeaks

Add these plans to your TrainingPeaks account:

  • Half marathon
  • Full marathon
  • Sprint-distance triathlon
  • Olympic-distance triathlon
  • Half-iron-distance triathlon
  • Yoga for the base period (strength focus)
  • Yoga for the build period (flexibility focus)
  • Yoga for the peak period (focus focus)
Preview and buy each of the plans at TrainingPeaks.

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personal coaching

One-on-one coaching and personalized training plans through Sage Endurance give a specific, unique approach to peak performance for running, triathlon, mountain biking, and adventure racing.

While my roster for 2015 is full, it’s still worth checking in so I’ll know you’re interested. When I do have room, we start with an initial consultation, ideally in person, to make sure we’re compatible. If not, there’s no charge, and I’ll try to help you find a coach who’s the right match for you. If we click, we move on to a review of your training, racing, and medical history; a skills and equipment assessment; and, naturally, a check of your flexibility, before setting goals for our work together.

For your investment in yourself, you’ll get an individualized training plan (including workouts, yoga/Pilates, and meditation/mental training) created just for you, with your plan tailored and updated weekly on, and we’ll have as much communication as you want: call me, write me, come have a beer on the porch with me.

One-time start-up fee: $250
Then, you can choose to pay up front for:
One quarter (three months): $1000
One half year (six months): $1900
One full year (twelve months): $3600