Podcast Up

Well, it’s not perfect (I ran out of time and energy before I’d figured out how to edit the voice track, and the pictures were a rushed job), but my first podcast is up! You can get it from my Web page, where you can subscribe to it, or you can look for it on the iTunes Music Store, where it ought to appear soon.

I’d really love feedback, especially about whether the technology was easy to use, whether my instructions were clear, and what should be the topic of the next one. (I’m thinking another six-minute piece, with a core flow, and then for #3 a Pigeon/Head-to-Knee pose mix.)

A great big thanks to Courtney for proposing this idea!

2 Responses to “Podcast Up”

  1. kika says:

    I thought it sounded great. The audio quality is good–your voice and the music are clear and not competing with one another. At first, I was only listening to the audio with iTunes minimized, but then I realized there were images with it to illustrate the poses. Maybe you should mention it’s an audio-visual podcast.
    Other than that, it’s super!

  2. Courtney says:

    Sage, this is fabulous and a most outstanding debut podcast! You got the hard part of podcasting mastered (rss, publishing, etc.) The content creation will flow naturally and the production work will quickly become second-nature.

    I’m very happy that this worked out for you, but the people who use this in their training will be ecstatic!

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