Rigging the Election

The podcast is now up on the iTunes Music Store. If you use iTunes, you can click here to find it. I’d love to get some positive reviews up there, hint hint. The idea is that eventually I can work advertising or sponsorship in–discreetly, of course, nothing obnoxious–so enthusiastic responses would help.

On a different topic, Black Pearl has now crossed the 100-mile mark. What a bike!

One Response to “Rigging the Election”

  1. joan says:

    I think you just struck gold with this idea, Sage. I’ve tried to do podcasts and my voice sounds like a cross between Ellie-May Clampet from The Beverly Hillbillies and Mrs. Mumbles. Your voice comes across beautifully over the airwaves … and it even makes me want to stretch – something I never do!!

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