The pretty-much-final logo design. It’ll go on the podcast, the Web site, an ad in Endurance, business cards.

I have an elaborate interpretation of the semiotics: the wavy line represents the upward trend of training results, supported by the sage green (yeah, I know), while also looking like the curves of a bottom (heh, heh) and back, etc., etc. Mostly, I just think it’s simple and beautiful.


2 Responses to “Logo”

  1. pica kika says:

    First of all, anyone looking at the logo on your blog here should click the image to see it full size–something about the resizing makes it look all zig-zaggy.

    I really do like it. Your interpretation is accurate, plus you have a sort of mountain thing going on as well, or a North Carolina landscape element in the rolling hills.

  2. Courtney says:

    It’s beautiful.

    How will it lay out on a biz card?

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