This Month’s Ad

Here is my ad for the April issue of Endurance. It shows up a little funny here but looks good in reality. Spacing didn’t let me say exactly what the lessons are in the lessons line; I hope it’s obvious enough from the word YOGA below.

You’ll see that I’ve gone with a different format for the coaching credit line. I’ve been looking at my gorgeous business cards, on which I committed to the en dash because it was the right thing to do, and I think “USAT certified coach” works OK, too—less clutter, though it trusts folks to know what USAT means. I reason that it’s like “Sara Lee chocolate cheesecake,” in which I consider “certified” an adjective, like “chocolate.”

Can you tell I’ve thought too much about this?

It also presumes that people will visit the Web site and not need a phone number. Is that fair?

One Response to “This Month’s Ad”

  1. Courtney says:

    Somebody thumbing through Endurance might have their cell phone handy and impulsively want to call, but not have their laptop nearby. The telephone gives you another channel and broadens your coverage. Just my 9-digits’ worth.

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