Best of My Taste

I rarely listen to music while working, but sitting here crossmarking the text history of East Carolina University, I found myself humming Eagles songs. So I’ve put on the Eagles’ greatest hits, and I gotta say, MAN, that is some good music. Is it the new SUV driver in me? All the time I’ve spent reading about life on the ECU campus? The frantic mandolin solo in “Take It Easy”? Am I losing it?

2 Responses to “Best of My Taste”

  1. kika pica says:


    Not really. I found myself rocking out last night to Led Zeppelin while working sudoku puzzles.

  2. Courtney says:

    Sage, one of us may be losing it! I think the first solo in Take it Easy is steel guitar with banjo (definition 1) accompaniment. At the end, there is a little banjo jammin’ under the closing chorus.

    No matter. Better Eagles than Fleetwood Mac — where songs are usually confined to two chords.