Even More Banjo Jokes

In case your appetite is now whetted, you can find more banjo jokes at these sites:






Etc. Just Google “banjo jokes.”

One Response to “Even More Banjo Jokes”

  1. Courtney says:

    It’s probably fair to point out that many of the banjo jokes are about the people who play them, with a respectable percentage allocated to the instrument proper. Against overwhelming odds, Béla Fleck has managed to create some extraordinarily hip sounds and songs featuring the banjo.

    There is also one most interesting piece by Louis Moreau Gottschalk — a nineteenth century composer and touring pianist — entitled “Le Banjo.” When I first heard this piece for solo piano, I was totally amazed at how the spirit of the banjo was captured on the piano. Can you just imagine Gottschalk arriving for a concert in a covered wagon with a pair of Chickering grands in the back?

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