One-Track Mind

Yes, Kika came over for a lovely visit, introducing me to the dangerous joy of Vietnamese coffee. She witnessed Vivi’s restaurant wildness (mild wildness, comparatively), Lily’s “magic” tricks that make coins disappear (Lily now says she wants to be a scientist by day and a magician by night), and my lame attempt to fill in the crossword puzzle.

My problem is that once my brain has conceived of an answer, I immediately begin to fill it in—in pen. Four letter word, clue “Actor Grant,” must be CARY. (“Or Hugh,” Kika pointed out, after I’d precipitously filled in CARY.) Ingredient in gas, starts ETH, must be ETHANOL. Never mind that it didn’t fit, there was room for the L outside the grid (ETHANE). And I was convinced that a five-letter word for confidence was BALLS. (TRUST.)

It’s a character flaw: shoot first, ask questions later. I wouldn’t have finished the puzzle without Kika’s help, because I quickly lose patience when it gets too hard. Again, character flaw.

One Response to “One-Track Mind”

  1. kika pica says:


    I think the best example of your quick-draw approach to crosswords is when you filled in SAGE for the clue “wise teacher” before considering GURU.

    I think you’re better off with Sudoku anyway.

    Lunch was really fun and I thought both Vivi and Lily were hilarious. Vivi’s a great dancer!

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