Happy Birthday, Candy

We enjoyed a Bastille Day Tour de France party at my friend Candy’s “lovely home” (Lily’s words) last night. There was tons of food, toys for the kids, juice boxes and wine. She even let us cut a corner off the cake early on for the girls to enjoy. That’s the way to give a party.

Candy is a fierce competitor, the kind of athlete who embraces another birthday because it means a new age group. She gives every event her all, crossing the finish line focused and a little scary in a good way. That’s the way to run a race.

Happy birthday, Candy!

One Response to “Happy Birthday, Candy”

  1. Bolder says:

    hi Sage, i’m keeping raceAthlete.com warm for Roman while he’s away (i just did an extreme blog makeover on it today — you should see a new logo when you view the site)… do you have a post you’d like to share, or would you like to write a new one (i just wrote Triathlon vs Boxing for raceAthlete.com).

    let me know! thanks!!

    Greg aka Bolder, LVGLRG@yahoo.com

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