Yesterday my friend Marcee, a strong road rider and bike-shop guru, brought me some awesome carbon aero race wheels. She put the cassette from my bike onto the rear wheel, while I, the consummate prissy triathlete, merely watched while my good-luck manicure was drying. (Lord, I couldn’t even tell her if I had a nine-speed or a ten-speed. Bad.)

We were chatting while I sat on my stability ball. Then suddenly—wham!—I was on the floor. I fell off my freaking BALANCE BALL!!! And I’ve been in bad back pain ever since. I can ride, but I don’t know about running. Current plan is to take tomorrow as it comes. I want to do the ride, but I will DNF if my run feels painful. Ah, irony.

2 Responses to “D’Oh!”

  1. Pica says:

    This fall comes as a surprise to you? You were the clutziest in high school! I bet your ankle still twinges when you hear “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”

    All ribbing aside, I hope your back gets better for your big weekend!

  2. Courtney says:

    Quelle chance!

    I’d be looking for the upside here. Maybe it’s the massage to ease the pain in your back. Hope you’re doing and feeling better soon.

    BTW, I’ve seen you do balance poses — in fact learned some of them in your class. Can’t imagine you as a clutz. I think it’s a bum rap 🙂

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