Nice Pace

Along with Lily’s first kindergarten report card came the results of her first fitness assessment, the dreaded (to me, at least) President’s Challenge Physical Fitness Program. (Say what you like about our president—and I know we could say a lot—at least he’s in good shape. Here’s one area where he’s no hypocrite.)

She performed miserably on the cruel flex-arm hang and curl-ups, prompting the computer evaluation to suggest she try “working with dumbbells 3–4 times per week.” (Sure, I’ll have her do some biceps curls while watching Between the Lions.)

But according to the results, she ran a quarter mile in 1:45. That’s a 7:00/mile pace. Where did that come from?

What makes me happiest is that despite suffering the indignities of the “sit and reach,” she still loves P.E. class.

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