Podcast Episode 10: Relax

Just in time for Thanksgiving, I’ve got the tenth episode of my yoga podcast up. Its stretches are great for unwinding—whether after a race, at the end of the day, or on a “coffee break.” It finishes with a long hold in legs up the wall, one of my favorite poses.

You’ll see the girls appear, without comment, in a few of the photos. I thought about mentioning them in the sound track but didn’t want to break the restful vibe. I like the DIY aesthetic: they wandered into the shot and participated, so why cut them out?

As ever, comments and requests are welcome. The seed for this episode came from a listener, Stephanie in western Massachusetts. Thanks, Stephanie!

One Response to “Podcast Episode 10: Relax”

  1. CogSci Librarian says:

    I *love* this podcast — it’s a series of great before-bed poses — which is just what I wanted. It doubles as a nice meditation, too.


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