Beginner’s Mind

Though by self-definition it made me “not a real runner,” I ran indoors this morning. There’s a nor’easter blowing, and the rain was coming in sideways. With the 38-degree air gusting to 40 mph and considering my lingering cold, I wimped out. It gave me a chance to experience running differently.

Yoga teachers are regularly exhorted to remember “beginner’s mind,” the approach of someone new to the practice. My running felt like that today. I had to grit my teeth to make it through twelve minutes on the treadmill. Heading upstairs to the small indoor track, I was dizzy from the motion of the treadmill belt, and once up there, I was annoyed by the constant turning in circles. Booooooooor-ing! And hot. But mostly boring. Plus, there were people around me, everywhere, who could have been watching me. Give me the trail any day!