Community Yoga of Urban Ministry Center

In the spirit of seva, or service, my mother-in-law has brought yoga to the Urban Ministry in Charlotte—yoga for the om-less, if you will. Her program was inspired by the one shown in this video.

The Community Yoga program is about to expand, including some classes for youth like the ones in the video. As Marty writes,

We are currently offering three classes a week at Urban Ministry and will be expanding to the Men’s Shelter and Women’s Shelter to continue to serve homeless adults. Additionally, we are addressing the needs of homeless, abused, and neglected children, youth, and young adults by expanding the program to Youth Homes, Alexander Children’s Network, and the Relatives. We need donations of money and yoga supplies. Checks can be made out to Urban Ministry Center and sent to:

Community Yoga
c/o Martha Harbison
5501 Hardison Road
Charlotte, NC 28226

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