Lily’s First Triathlon

Lily did wonderfully at the Swim for Smiles triathlon this morning. I tried very hard not to be a stage mother and to instead let her do her own thing. (The Web Gallery photos, taken by Wes, show her intuitively smooth rolling dismount!) My advice, as imparted in line for the start: If you feel like you’re going to cry or throw up, slow down. She kept up a steady pace with no stopping, and at the end had a killer kick to the finish, depicted above. She’s already talking about doing the race again next year.
Afterward, she observed, “It was really fun and really tiring. But that’s triathlon, and you can’t change it!”

2 Responses to “Lily’s First Triathlon”

  1. Kika says:

    Woo! Lily! I am so proud of you! That looks like so much fun!


  2. Dave says:

    Congrats Lily! Way to go on what seems like it will be the first of many successful athletic endeavors!

    We LOVED the final photo! A keeper for sure.

    Love Ray and Dave Dirito

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