DVD Times

A viewer in Hawaii pointed out that the customizable menu of my DVD doesn’t list the time of each individual segment—information that’s useful when you are pressed for time and trying to fit in a short practice.

Here’s the list:
  1. Centering 1:17
  2. Breath in Space 3:39
  3. Breath in Time 3:17
  4. Six Moves of the Spine 4:43
  5. Half Salutes with Lunges 8:50
  6. Standing Balance Flow 12:02
  7. Arm Balance 3:43
  8. Sun Salutations 10:38
  9. Moon Salutations 13:39
  10. Lunge Series 8:26
  11. Static Core Work 4:44
  12. Dynamic Core Work 4:20
  13. Shoulder Strap Series 4:22
  14. Camel Pose 3:28
  15. IT Band Flow 4:00
  16. Pigeon Pose Flow 7:01
  17. Hamstring Strap Series 7:49
  18. Restorative Poses 7:38
  19. Corpse Pose 2:59
  20. Closing 2:48

While I’m on the topic of the DVD, I’ll point out that you can now order it on Amazon. And when you buy from Amazon, you can add a review there!

One Response to “DVD Times”

  1. kika pica says:

    YES! I had been meaning to suggest this to you–to find a way to customize the practice in terms of time as well as particular focus. Maybe you can do this when you make the next one 🙂

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