Do the Du

My five-year-old is lying on my office couch, facing the bookshelf. She just asked a question that demonstrates her keen intellect and sharp perception (wherever did she get that?): “Mommy, why do you have a trophy that says RUN-BIKE-RUN?” That gave me a chance to explain the difference between triathlon—the swim-bike-run combo familiar to Vivi—and duathlon. (Don’t confuse duathlon with biathlon, which is a combination of cross-country skiing and riflery.)

Earlier today, I got an e-mail exhorting that members of Team USA work to get 1,000 athletes at duathlon nationals, which will be held, as they were last year, in Richmond, Virginia, in April. It’s a great idea, and while part of me wants to keep this race a secret so I can send my athletes there to qualify for worlds with less competition, of course everyone should know about and consider doing the race. Details are at