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As this year wraps up, I’m planning my 2010 teaching schedule. I’ve reserved the fabulous facility at ZAP Fitness in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina for two weekends, May 14–16 and October 22–24. It’s a wonderful place to spend the weekend doing yoga and running (and eating, and sleeping, and hot-tubbing), and my 2008 and 2009 retreats were both wonderful.

Here’s where I need your help: what would you most like to see as a theme for these retreats? Are you interested in more running, more yoga, or an even mix of the two? Do you want to spend some time in meditation? Are you dying to master handstands, headstands, or some other particular pose? Would you prefer to have some formal instruction in planning your training? This year, I offered complimentary video analysis of each of the runner’s gaits, which was fun for everyone. Would that interest you? In May, weather may be good enough for a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway—would expanding workout options to include cycling be an inducement? We have the option to add a third night and begin the retreat on Thursday—what do you think? Ladies, are you more likely to attend an all-women’s retreat, or, guys, are you more comfortable when you know there will be some other men around?
Please share your ideas with me for your own dream retreat, whether or not you think you could make it. You can leave comments here, send me a Tweet, post on my Facebook page, or simply write a good old-fashioned e-mail. (If you wanted to get really creative, you could post a video on YouTube.) I really hope to hear from you.

5 Responses to “Your Dream Running and Yoga Retreat”

  1. Mango says:

    If I were to come, I'd want some help with headstands and handstands in particular on the yoga front. Being able to have things like gait analysis and other coach-like options would be wonderful. Perhaps if there was a physical therapist or sports medicine person that could help figure out if nagging injuries are caused by bad form (be it running, biking, yoga, anything…)

  2. jindi says:

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  3. Yoga for Athletes says:

    Yoga is a great way to start the year. Can we bring the kids?

  4. Sage says:

    That could be an option, though we'd have to have universal agreement. I'll keep it in mind.

  5. Amanda Brooks says:

    Hi Sage,I have actually be looking on to putting together a Runners Retreat and I wonder if it might work well with what you are doing here. I was going to email you about possibly attending the event we put together…but maybe your retreat is where I should start!

    We would like to hear from runners that inspire us (possibly Ryan Hall due to his great spirituality), have nutrition courses, runners yoga, possibly a speaker from Vibram one barefoot tactics, a speaker for Chi Running…of course yoga and lots of running!

    I love the gait analysis. I think the bike might be hard if people are flying in, but that's just a thought.

    I would love to hear more!
    amandacbrooks at yahoo

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