Scheduled: Wanderlust 108 Atlanta

Join me in Atlanta on Sunday, September 28, for a “mindfulness triathlon”—a day of running, yoga, and meditation (led by me!).


What is Wanderlust 108?

Wanderlust 108 is a mindful triathlon, combining a 5k run, an inspirational meditation, and a massive outdoor yoga class. Gather your friends for a day of live music, mindful movement, healthy food, retro yard games and a few surprises.

Why 108?

In many Eastern traditions, the number 108 is considered sacred and signifies the interconnection between body, mind, and spirit.

1 = unity / 0 = stillness / 8 = infinite possibility

Wanderlust 108 explores these concepts – challenging each participant to push their body, calm their mind, and connect with others. The event reflects Wanderlust’s core mission: creating community around mindful living.

How It Works

Start the morning with a 5k run sprinkled with a few fun challenges. After you catch your breath, we’ll gather for a guided meditation with live music. Then, roll out your mat for a massive, all-levels yoga class. And don’t forget the post-savasana dance party!

I’ll be leading the group meditation at 1:30 p.m. after NFL Pro Bowler Keith Mitchell speaks. See the full schedule.

Read more and register here.

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