Newly Certified: Christina Roberts

YOGAMeet Christina Roberts, the newest certified Sage Yoga for Athletes teacher. Christina is a health coach, yoga teacher, and dedicated runner about to qualify for the Boston Marathon (I just know it—read her running blog here!).

Christina lives in the Lehigh Valley, where she teaches both endurance athletes and teams. You can find her weekly Prehab Yoga class at Emmaus Yoga. And you’ll be in capable, empathetic hands. Christina’s teaching is crystal clear, makes a lot of room for athletes to adapt based on their bodies and their point in the training cycle, and considers the special needs of the athlete in yoga class. She’s relatable and inspiring at the same time!

I take it Christina wore shoes in the race!

I take it Christina wore shoes in the race!

However you use your body, there’s nothing like having a yoga teacher who understands your unique needs. For athletes who carry a lot of cumulative stress through training, it’s priceless to find a teacher like Christina who doesn’t just talk the talk, but walks the walk. As a coached athlete with a specific time goal in mind, she really understands the amount of physical and mental effort and stress athletes put toward reaching their dreams. You’ll be well served to study with her and her certified colleagues!

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