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“Yoga with Sage has eased my stiff body from thousands of hours of air travel and helped me relax after the intensity of close games. And when the stress keeps me awake at night, I practice breathing techniques learned with yoga.”
Roy Williams, University of North Carolina men’s basketball coach, ongoing student for over a decade


I work with aspiring and current yoga teachers in various formats.

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I also teach open classes for athletes and everyone. My students include everyone from newcomers to yoga to experienced students. Some are just tight and tired people. Some compete or coach at the professional and collegiate level. Others are just happy to head into the woods for a hike, ride, or run. Wherever you are, I’d love to have you in class.

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Yoga can be the perfect complement to sports training. But many athletes are turned off by yoga because:

  • It seems too easy—and therefore boring.
  • It feels too hard, and thus painful, intimidating, or embarrassing.
  • Or it might be a nice class but out of sync with your training, leading to fears that you’re wasting your time or undermining your hard work.

My classes offer lots of options, so you can find the right yoga for you.

Yoga for athletes isn’t athletic yoga. The intensity of your yoga practice should be in inverse proportion to the intensity of your training or other physical pursuits. Yoga should help you feel balanced.

Maybe you don’t identify as an athlete. But if you feel tight and tired and spend much of your day in a chair, you have a lot in common with athletes! Come to a class with me or follow along with a video and you will feel better.


I’ve taught in a wide variety of places, including:

My regular haunts are these business I co-own:

Come visit us when you are nearby—we are here to help you find balance and relax!

Sage's books


I’ve written a lot of books, with the ninth forthcoming in September 2020. I learned to do this along the way to earning my PhD in English literature. I hope these books help you!

I’ve also been a regular contributor to periodicals including:

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