Christmas Traditions

“Hey! Dat Panter up dere!”

And when the creche was set up and explained, “Yeah, dat Baby Judas.”

Not quite.

Obsessed by Capitalism, Redux

I’ve been wanting to see inside this house, three blocks away and in the school district (versus the other big one I discussed Sunday). My friends say it was even more modern but the sellers toned it down. The stainless-steel countertops are great. Check out the pictures.

Now, what could Dad mean by “obsessed by capitalism”? It sounds like something that would affect a poli sci student. I think he had the wrong offspring on that one.

Cocoa Fix

Vivi’s coming down with a cold and had a crummy day. Hot chocolate to the rescue!

The Art of the Barter

Somehow I’ve found myself in possession of goods and services that can help my friends, who from time to time need maternity clothes, copy editing, or yoga therapy. I guess that’s part of being a grownup. While we’ve gotten a lot of very generous gifts in exchange for the no-obligation lending of the amazing maternity wardrobe I accumulated (maternity running clothes, maternity windbreaker, maternity lap suit, maternity leopard-print pajamas, maternity yoga clothes), I’ve worked up some great exchanges for other favors.

This week alone I’ve enjoyed a free lunch and really helpful free physical therapy. Last year I reduced my coach’s fee in return for private yoga lessons. I’m trying to work up the chutzpah to pitch yoga classes in exchange for a weekend at triathlon training camp in the NC mountains.

Wanna trade?

Quilting Bee

I spent the morning at a quilting bee, of all things! Over our fall season, each woman in See Jane Run brought a quilt square to present to the group. Our coach, Joan, set them into a quilt, and today we started quilting them.

The bee was a lot like our workouts: we alternated between chatting and focusing. Threading the needles and getting the knots through the back but not the top were as hard as any task we completed in our season. The finished product is tangible, though, and will make its rounds in the group, comforting as needed.

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