Fugue Dreaming

Usually I sleep very well. Sometimes, though—like when I’m sick, or before a race—my brain seems to lapse into a loop cycle, and I wake repeatedly with the same information spinning through my brain. But it’s not important information, nor is it something that’s obviously troubling me.

Last night, for example, it was the image of my Web site, which I’ve been working on, and a snatch of the song “D & W” off my kids’ latest They Might Be Giants album. Over and over again.



Wes and I were happy to see that Stephen Colbert is the subject of a story in Newsweek. Of course, we got this information from Colbert’s show, which we have watched religiously since it began airing in October. The single episode we have missed (friggin’ DVR!) was the one where he slammed the AP for not recognizing him as the originator of “truthiness.” (Luckily, the Newsweek article has a link to the clip.)

We enjoy The Colbert Report more than The Daily Show. It’s consistently ridiculous, and the interviews are never boring. Best of all: the screeching eagle that sails through the opening credits. Brilliant.

A Lovely Surprise

In a surprise package from my mother-in-law: the gorgeous book on Kripalu Yoga written by her teacher Richard Faulds, with a beautiful inscription:

Dear Sage,

What a dynamic life you’re leading! May all your disciplines, combined with a healthy measure of serendipity and grace, lead you down the road of an amazing and entrancing life. Enjoy the journey!

Richard Faulds

Which reminds me of this Mark Twain quote. Apparently it’s in the top ten list of most-quoted phrases, for obvious reasons: it rocks.

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.

How nice to have so many really great people around me. Thanks, Marty.

Rigging the Election

The podcast is now up on the iTunes Music Store. If you use iTunes, you can click here to find it. I’d love to get some positive reviews up there, hint hint. The idea is that eventually I can work advertising or sponsorship in–discreetly, of course, nothing obnoxious–so enthusiastic responses would help.

On a different topic, Black Pearl has now crossed the 100-mile mark. What a bike!

Podcast Up

Well, it’s not perfect (I ran out of time and energy before I’d figured out how to edit the voice track, and the pictures were a rushed job), but my first podcast is up! You can get it from my Web page, where you can subscribe to it, or you can look for it on the iTunes Music Store, where it ought to appear soon.

I’d really love feedback, especially about whether the technology was easy to use, whether my instructions were clear, and what should be the topic of the next one. (I’m thinking another six-minute piece, with a core flow, and then for #3 a Pigeon/Head-to-Knee pose mix.)

A great big thanks to Courtney for proposing this idea!

Sage Yoga Training: Standing Stretches

Standing Stretches

This six-minute sequence is designed to help you stretch your major muscle groups following a workout. If you’ve been listening to your iPod during your run, for example, you can tack the podcast at the end of your playlist—it will keep you honest at holding the stretches long enough for them to work their magic.

The standing sequence works first the right, then the left leg, before moving to quick lateral stretches and spinal extension. Until you are used to the sequence, you might find it useful to have something to hold on to: a wall, a car, a tree, a rock, a friend.

Feel free to move in or out of a stretch at your own pace; if my cueing seems too long or short, listen instead to your body’s needs.

And This One’s Self-Promotion

A shout-out to Dave Williams for valuing yoga! I’ll be talking on incorporating yoga in triathlon training–you know, the subject of my book-to-be!–as part of March Multisport Madness at the Wellness Center. You can sign up for the whole weekend or à la carte. Dave and his crew are great coaches–it’s going to be totally worthwhile.

This One’s for Wes

Procrastination Project

With two big projects fresh on my desk, I find renewed energy for anything but ECU’s institutional planning history. (The other ms., a book on white trash, sounds great–it’ll be my reward for finishing the ECU book.) So I looked into making a podcast using Apple’s Garage Band software, and I hope to get a short podcast up by the weekend. My plan for the first one is a five-minute postrun stretching routine, probably without music. Folks can listen at the end of a workout–it’s inherently portable. I’ll provide a link once it’s up.

Champagne Chairs

Another Pica find, this is Design Within Reach’s annual champagne-cork construction contest. Amazing.

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