Active Yogi: Change Your Mountain Pose

Being able to adjust to a small shift is critical for your sport performance, as well as your mental health! My latest post on Active Yogi details one shift that challenges you to recenter from the core.

Tall Mountain

Sometimes a little shift can make a big difference in how things feel. Such is the case when you lift to the balls of the feet in Utthita Tadasana (Tall Mountain Pose). Suddenly, a position that felt expansive and grounded can feel wobbly and unstable. Learning how to stay steady in this version of the familiar pose—heels and arms lifted—will help you develop core stability, foot strength, and spatial awareness, all of which translate directly to your asana practice and to your sport. It also echoes the dynamic of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis that helps us develop and grow. As you practice adapting to change, you’ll get the chance to come back to good, neutral form and practice equanimity in the face of changing circumstance. Include this move as part of your home practice, as well as in your dynamic warmup pre-workout.

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