Active Yogi: Finding a Comfortable Seat

If you come to my yoga class, you’ll start lying down, in child’s pose, standing—just about anywhere but sitting. My latest Active Yogi post explores ways to get truly comfortable in the first minutes of practice.

supported SukhasanaOdds are, you’ve heard the instruction “Find a comfortable seat,” within the first minute of most yoga classes you attend. When you have tight hips, however, finding a comfortable seat, especially at the start of practice, can be nearly impossible. Considering that the original goal of the yoga postures is to prepare the body to find the proper seat for meditation—one that is strong in the core and relaxed in the hips—starting in a seated position that is neither steady nor comfortable can feel like putting the cart before the horse. When sitting is uncomfortable, or even painful, you are violating the principle of ahimsa(nonharming) from the get-go and creating a negative experience from the very start of your practice.

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