Active Yogi: Injury Prevention: Balance in Space

My latest Active Yogi post describes a self-test that we played with in my class on Monday, to good effect. It was fun to do the our single-legged standing balance poses on our less-strong side twice and on our strong side only once. What do you find about yourself when you try it?

Back to TreeIn your yoga practice, you may have noticed that your balance is better on one side than the other. Maybe your Tree Pose (Vrksasana) is steady and grounded on the right leg, but when you stand on the left leg, you feel like a tree in a windstorm. This imbalance likely results from how you use your body, especially in your sport. Do you always unclip your left leg from your bike pedal and use it for balance while you are stopped, then push down hard with the right leg to resume rolling again? Do you always run on a canted road facing traffic? Do you always plant your left foot and kick with your right? Do you practice a style of yoga that always leads poses with the right leg? These patterns will affect your balance. Improving your balance in space by developing your proprioception and strengthening your lower legs and hips will help you prevent acute injuries from falls.

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