Active Yogi: Tricky Transitions

Continuing a series of balance-pose sequences to build glute strength, my latest post for Active Yogi is on the move from Lord of the Dance (Dancer) to Warrior III—and possibly back.

Transitions can be tricky. Practiced well, they can give us a brief moment outside time, a chance to reset and repurpose our energy toward a new task. Practiced without awareness, they are an opportunity for mistakes to happen. This is true both in races and in yoga practice. In triathlon, for example, transitions are a chance for “free time,” to make a quick, purposeful shift from swim to bike or from bike to run. In pool races, turns at the wall are a chance to shift muscle use briefly, and to reestablish the momentum of the glide with a strong push off the wall. In a relay race, handoff transitions can be a moment of quick shift or a disastrous baton drop. In a yoga practice, transitions can help us develop efficient transfer of the workload between muscle groups, or they can open the door to injury when done mindlessly.

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