I’ve written a host of articles for publications ranging from Running Times and Runner’s World to Yoga Journal. My intention is to share from my personal experience in ways that will help you. Please enjoy these articles from across the Web:

on endurance sports

Six Exercises to Improve Running Form
Runner’s World, November 2015

The Triathlete’s Guide to Massage, March 2014

Running 101: Consistency and Variety
Competitor Running, September 2013

To Improve Form, Listen to Your Body—Literally
Competitor Running, September 2013

Add Some Downtime to Your Training Plan
Competitor Running, August 2013

Tips for Racing Wisely
Trail Runner, July 2013
excerpt from Racing Wisely

Eight Steps to Running Enlightenment
Trail Runner, October 2012
Use yoga to get the mental edge

Serious Recovery: Take Your Time
LAVA Magazine, May 2011
How much time post-race do you really need to recover?

Train for Athleta Iron Girl
Athleta Chi, April 2011
Race-specific workouts for triathlon and duathlon

Serious Recovery: A Quick Guide to Self-Massage
LAVA Magazine, March 2011
A whole-body routine you can complete at home

Serious Recovery: Massage 101
LAVA Magazine, February 2011
The benefits of massage for recovery

Serious Recovery: Scheduled Rest
LAVA Magazine, January 2011
Plan rest in each unit of time

Serious Recovery: Holiday Training
LAVA Magazine, November 2010
Let go a little for the holidays

Serious Recovery: Putting on the Squeeze
LAVA Magazine, October 2010
Compression garments are all the rage, but are they worth it?

Serious Recovery: Soak It Up
LAVA Magazine, September 2010
Float your way to fuller recovery

Serious Recovery: Sweet Dreams
LAVA Magazine, August 2010
Sleep is one of the most important parts of your training

Training for a Marathon, with Yoga: Parts 1–3
Athleta Chi, June, July, and August 2010
The idea and the plan; nutrition and schedule management; race week and race day

Getting Started in Triathlon: Part 3
Athleta Chi, April 2010
Race week and race day

Getting Started in Triathlon: Part 2
Athleta Chi, March 2010
Combination workouts, transitions, and clothing

Getting Started in Triathlon: Part 1
Athleta Chi, February 2010
Get ready to tri

Sports Nutrition: Part 2
Athleta Chi, October 2009
What and when to eat

Sports Nutrition: Part 1
Athleta Chi, October 2009
Why eating during long workouts is important

The Ironman Perspective
Athleta Chi, August 2009
A conversation between Sage and Ironman Coeur d’Alene winner Tyler Stewart

Training for a Century Ride: Part 4
Athleta Chi, August 2009
Take stock

Training for a Century Ride: Part 3
Athleta Chi, July 2009
Get ready to rock

Training for a Century Ride: Part 2
Athleta Chi, June 2009
Keep on rolling

Midrun Mishaps
Runner’s World, June 2009
When disaster strikes

The Official Ramblin’ Rose Women Only Training Plan
with Monette Williams
June 2009

Training for a Century Ride: Part 1
Athleta Chi, May 2009
Get ready to roll

Get a Running Start
Athleta Chi, April 2009
Make running a part of your life

Training for a Half Marathon, with Yoga
Athleta Chi, April 2009
Twelve weeks to a fast half marathon

Training for a 10K, with Yoga
Athleta Chi, January 2009
Eight weeks to a fast 10K

Training for a 5K, with Yoga
Athleta Chi, September 2008
Eight weeks to a fast 5K

Ramblin’ Rose: Get Faster, or Happily Finish
with Monette Williams
Endurance Magazine, June 2008
Twelve weeks to triathlon success

Become a Runner: Eight Weeks to 5K
Endurance Magazine, February 2008
Enjoy a “club sandwich” run!

Random Beats
Running Times, November 2007
Heart rate variability and you

on yoga

Standing Core Strengtheners
Runner’s World, May 2015

Yoga for Basketball Players, Coaches, and Fans
Yoga Journal, March 2015

Yoga for Trail Runners
Yoga Journal, September 2014

Warm Up While You Lace Up
Runner’s World, August 2014

Triple Play (Triathlon Feature)
Yoga Journal, June 2014

Active Yogi Blog
Yoga Journal

A Refreshing New Use for the Yoga Block
February 27, 2013

The Best Yoga Pose to Jumpstart Recovery
February 21, 2013

Iron Yoga
Runner’s World, September 2012
Do yoga with weights to prevent injuries.

The End Game
Runner’s World, February 2012
Prevent post run butt pain.

Rub It In
Runner’s World, September 2011
Speed recovery with DIY massage

Pillow Talk
Runner’s World, June 2011
Gentle yoga restores weary muscles

Double Feature: Yoga Stretches for Runners
Runner’s World, November 2010
Poses to balance the hip flexors and hamstrings

Asana for Athletes
Yoga Journal, August 2010
Poses to strengthen and stretch athletes’ problem areas

ITB Relief
Runner’s World, April 2010
Routine to address a common trouble spot—the iliotibial band

Add Yoga This Off-Season to Improve Flexibility, Strength, and Balance
USA Triathlon Life, Winter 2010
Four-pose off-season routine

Flexible Routine
Runner’s World, October 2009
Six-pose post-run routine

Band Aid
Runner’s World, August 2009
Rehab IT band troubles

Yoga for Runners
Women’s Running Magazine, May/June 2009
With photos from The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga

What Knees Need
Runner’s World, May 2009
Lunge with prayer twist

Yoga Lessons from the Masters Swim
Athleta Chi, April 2009

Back in Shape
Runner’s World, February 2009
Child’s pose

Adding Yoga to Triathlon Training
USA Triathlon Performance Coaching Newsletter, January–February 2009

Indoor Training Plan
Runner’s World, December 2008
Downward-facing dog and plank pose

Race Recovery
Runner’s World, November 2008

Legs up the Wall
Runner’s World, September 2008
A favorite pose for athletes

Strike a Pose
Inside Triathlon, October 2007
Book excerpt

The why and where of yoga
Race Athlete, 2006–7
Articles explaining yoga for athletes

Monthly column on yoga
Endurance Magazine, since 2004
Pose of the month

for yoga teachers

Lessons for Teachers from Endurance Sports
Teachasana, July 2011
Have a plan and pace yourself so you can keep your effort consistent across the day.

Cognitive Dissonance: A Good Thing
Teachasana, June 2011
Celebrate moments of cognitive dissonance, and in time they’ll feel less like having the rug pulled out from under you and more like having the door opened for you.

The Coupon Conversion
Yoga Journal Online, April 2011
Group coupon promotions can bring a lot of new students to your classes. Will you be ready?

Lights, Camera, Yoga
Yoga Journal Online, July 2010
Put your classes online with these tech-savvy tips on making a yoga video.

Keep Class on Track
Yoga Journal Online, February 2010
Preparation and clear intent will help keep you on track when students have questions.

One Yoga, Many Approaches
Yoga Journal Online, November 2009
Proficiency in differing styles and approaches to yoga can deepen your understanding and enhance your teaching.

Balancing Professionalism and Personality
Yoga Journal Online, August 2009
Teachers must learn to balance being personable and maintaining a professional demeanor.

Catching a Studio’s Attention
Yoga Journal Online, July 2009
Positioning yourself correctly will help you stand out to studio owners when you apply for a job.

Send the Right Message
Yoga Journal Online, April 2009
Extend your teaching beyond the studio by crafting a newsletter your readers will value.

A Yoga Teacher’s Guide to Social Networking
Yoga Journal Online, March 2009
Social networking sites offer teachers a venue to define and promote their work. Here’s how to get started establishing an online presence.

Planning a Syllabus
Yoga Journal Online, February 2009
Using a syllabus gives order and a sense of progression to your teaching. Just remember to balance structure with being present to the needs of your students.

Marketing 201: Promote Yourself
Yoga Journal Online, November 2008
Learn how to begin shame-free—not shameless—self-promotion.

Marketing 101
Yoga Journal Online, June 2008
Learn how simple, inexpensive marketing techniques can boost your class numbers and elevate your career.

Babysitting at Yoga Studios
Yoga Journal Online, January 2008
Offering child care in a studio draws students and gives new parents an opportunity to care for themselves. Here’s how to get started.

Teaching Yoga to Athletes
Yoga Journal Online, November 2007
Yoga makes a great complement to athletic training, if teachers encourage students to take it easy and to leave their win-lose mentality at the door.

Dealing with Medical Emergencies in Class
Yoga Journal Online, September 2007
Knowing what to do in case of a medical emergency can help keep your students safe.

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