Third of the yamas is asteya, nonstealing. While its applicability to life is obvious, it’s less easy to see where we are tempted to steal on the mat. We worked on poses in class this week, though, with an intention of not trying to steal our way into a position that doesn’t work for us. This aligns with the fifth yama, aparigraha, nongrasping.

We also worked in the lateral plane, though the chandra namaskar, or moon salutation, series that I love to teach to endurance athletes. Moving side to side on the mat, we’re free of that forward plane of motion in which most of our training occurs.
I brought up the sequencing with Wes by asking him which poses he’d teach in a class on asteya. His answers were great—You can’t steal in balance poses, but you look sneaky and furtive in twist poses—and accompanied by physical examples.
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