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The Need for Speed

We flipped past Top Gun last night on one of the myriad HBO channels. Though Wes insisted he has seen the movie only twice, he knew half the lines and remembered the order of the scenes perfectly. Jungian? A statement on the memory of an impressionable sixteen-year-old boy? I know it’s a truism by now,… Read more »

Ten Years Ago Today

Subject: Re: congratsDate: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 16:50:46 -0500 (EST)From: Wes Rountree To: billy hamilton Billy,I must tell you that I just got the ring and that I will be unable tokeep it for very long. My plans have changed, so I ask you for Sage’shand in marriage. Actually I will ask her tonight, but… Read more »

Happy Dirt Day

Lily’s fifth birthday was celebrated in style, with four friends, three family members, two games of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and one wild wagon ride, courtesy of Cousin Jay.

The Good Life

This week and last, I’ve been working on an academic journal devoted to English pedagogy. Half of it is highfalutin theory, and the other half is complaints that border on scorn toward the students. As I listen to my college- and law-school-teaching friends complain about stacks of papers and exams to grade, plagiarists to expose,… Read more »

Bad Taste

Which of these cousins has the more offensive T-shirt? Depends on your politics and gender. Big, buff Cousin Jay is taking Team Beaver a little too far. Lily, in the bottom right corner, does not look amused.

We’ve Got Funk Spirit, Yes, We Do!

Two things (at least two things) have made us laugh in the last few hours. One was the ad, the Web site, and the concept of the Fathead, a large poster of your favorite NFL team’s helmet. Last night we were very close to getting them at Christmas gifts for Wes’s father and my mother,… Read more »

Ten Percent

If, as the scientists tell us, we use 10 percent of our brains, and, as Owen Wilson tells us, we use 10 percent of our hearts, and, as I tell my yoga students, we use 10 percent of our lungs, then I’m pretty sure we also use 10 percent of our dishwasher capacity. A few… Read more »

Fear the Beaver

This editorial from the local paper recounts an attack by a rabid beaver!!! There must be some way to connect that with the mystique of Team Beaver Cycling. OK, not that it has much mystique.

My Name Is Sage

What a difference the fix of a run has made in my outlook (that, and progress on the book; I’ve taken down my complaints!). The knees are just tendonitis, maybe some bursitis on the right side. Just as with the stress fracture I had last year, I think it’s the yoga that really brought it… Read more »

"NO! I not gonna do it!"

It just struck me: Saddam Hussein is acting like a two-year-old. How do you keep a child in bed who doesn’t want to be there? Persuasion isn’t effective; threats carry little weight (what does Saddam have to lose? He’s said he’s not afraid of execution); your last resort is force (the imprisonment of the crib… Read more »