Be Nice

One creative way Vivi and I have spent our week—apart from watching ABBA videos on YouTube—was a trip to the Red Cross blood drive. Vivi was fascinated by the process; as she watched the blood leaving my arm, she suggested, “You’d better drink a lot of wine.”

We snacked in the canteen after my donation, and Vivi pasted a sticker on me: BE NICE TO ME, I GAVE BLOOD. At home, I deconstructed it to read simply BE NICE and wore it to class. I liked that message better.
It reminded me that in college, my friend Charlie and I wanted to make our own bumper stickers: DON’T BLAME ME, I VOTED FOR DUKAKIS. This was in the days before the Internet let you order custom one-offs, so we armed ourselves with Sharpies and Con-Tact paper and got as far as DON’T BLAME ME before we decided that was enough.
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