Big Weekend

I’ve been in lockdown, busy with work, submitting the first chapter of my book to my editor, teaching a lot, and trying to recover from my race in Pinehurst. This weekend marks the end of tri season, at last. It’s been a long year, with 10 triathlons, the little duathlon, and the odd running race.

Saturday is the championship invitational race for the NC Tri Series. It’s going to be very, very small, with around 150 participants, and all of them competitive in their respective groups. I fear I blew the wad in Pinehurst with my run, since I still feel pooped, but if that’s the case, I can still have fun going slower. I feel very supported by the goodwill of my family, the race wheels a friend is loaning me (what to use has been the topic of conversation at her bike shop all week), the necklace my running group is passing around (it’s my week with it), and the camaraderie of my friends in the age group and outside of it. For good measure, I saw my Kenyan friend Henry running this morning, and he wished me luck.

Having friends like these is winning. The rest is incidental.

Saturday afternoon is the awards banquet for the tri series. I asked Lily to be my guest. “What’s a banquet?” she asked. “Well, they’ll give prizes and we’ll eat lunch—there will definitely be dessert.” “Dessert? I think I could get into that.” (This is her new catchphrase to indicate assent.)

Sunday is the ladies’ race across the street from my house, and many of my students and clients are participating. I’ll roll over there at 6 a.m. on creaky legs to mark them with Sharpies, direct them on the run course, and enjoy their celebrations. Big weekend.

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