Busman’s Holiday

I found a great yoga studio, Jiva Yoga Center, here on Hilton Head, where I enjoyed two very different classes, both expertly taught.

Tuesday’s class was yin, always a productive style for athletes. We focused on the hips, and I found myself going through my usual stay-present litany: Form, breath, form and breath; relax; say yes; be efficient; turn out the lights. (In class a few weeks ago, I equated relaxing in the upper body to turning out the lights when you leave a room. When you’ve left the room of your face, don’t leave the light on in the temples, eyes, or jaw. Save energy!)
Today, despite staying in bed until 8:15, I managed to make the 9 a.m. power vinyasa class. I learned some fun handstand preps and made the full revolution from downward-facing dog over to wheel. I also did some new tricks in a master class with Desirée Rumbaugh last weekend—dropbacks from mountain to a backbend and back up (with assistance), scorpion in handstand—so it’s been a good week for rejuvenating my practice. That’s part of what vacation is about: making you excited to return to work. I just happen to get there by working!
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