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Read: Yoga for CrossFitters

My latest piece for Yoga Journal suggests some poses to counter front-of-the-body tightness created by heavy lifting (or a lot of sitting). Weightlifting and CrossFit can be a great way to develop full-body strength. While CrossFit pays attention to mobility, it’s still easy to incur imbalances in the body—especially when you head to a desk and sit for… Read more »

Read: 5 Cross-Training Poses for Winter Endurance Sports

Is there a ski trip in your near future, or snow outside your window? My latest piece for Yoga Journal features poses to complement your winter sports. As you head out into the snowy wonderland for winter endurance sports like skiing and snowshoeing, be sure to bring yoga with you. Yoga helps you develop the focus, breath awareness, and balance… Read more »

Active Yogi: 3 Steps to a Balanced Home Practice

‘Tis the day for X Steps articles from me! My latest for Yoga Journal explains my 6-4-2 rubric for building a balanced practice. December schedule disruptions, from the end of a semester to holiday travel, can make it tough for you to maintain a regular schedule of attending studio classes. What better time to start… Read more »

Active Yogi: Listening to Your Body

When you listen to your body, are you paying attention to the tone of voice you hear? I explain in my latest Active Yogi post: Competitive and endurance sports encourage us to override the internal voice that says, “Slow down, stop, I can’t, it hurts, I’m not good enough.” Sometimes overcoming this voice is the… Read more »

Active Yogi: Intention and Goals

My latest for Active Yogi differentiates between intentions and goals and explains why you need both for any endeavor. In my sports coaching business and in my latest book, Racing Wisely, I work with athletes on setting intention and goals so they can perform at their personal best. Having a clear intention and clear goals is important… Read more »

Active Yogi: Change Your Mountain Pose

Being able to adjust to a small shift is critical for your sport performance, as well as your mental health! My latest post on Active Yogi details one shift that challenges you to recenter from the core. Sometimes a little shift can make a big difference in how things feel. Such is the case when… Read more »

Active Yogi: Comfort with Discomfort

Discomfort is inevitable—and a valuable opportunity. It invites us into the moment. I elaborate in this Active Yogi post: While my last post offered strategies to avoid discomfort in seated poses, both yoga asana practice—including prolonged holds of sitting poses for meditation—and sports training will require your comfort with discomfort. Without such discomfort, we’d never progress in… Read more »