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Active Yogi: Finding a Comfortable Seat

If you come to my yoga class, you’ll start lying down, in child’s pose, standing—just about anywhere but sitting. My latest Active Yogi post explores ways to get truly comfortable in the first minutes of practice. Odds are, you’ve heard the instruction “Find a comfortable seat,” within the first minute of most yoga classes you… Read more »

Active Yogi: Shore up the Core

My latest post for Active Yogi explores balance front to back in the core, and how to determine where your time is best spent: on flexibility, on strength in the back, or on strength in the front. Core strength is critical for injury prevention in sports and asana, and it primes us to sit in meditation… Read more »

Active Yogi: Bringing Balance to the Legs

Over at Active Yogi, we continue our exploration of balance for injury prevention. We’ve been investigating the imbalances that can lead to injury, both in asana and in sports, and recently looked at a self-test to explore balance left to right in the leg. The same test—a single-leg chair pose—also reveals balance between stren gth… Read more »

Active Yogi: Stand to Sit

My latest Active Yogi post explores the opposite of the tough sit-to-stand exercise we covered a few months ago. The converse of the tough sit-to-stand move is a transition in the other direction: lowering from standing to the floor as smoothly as possible. This exercise has a lot to teach us. It cultivates awareness of the body… Read more »

Active Yogi: Yoga for Hikers

My latest Active Yogi post features some modifications of yoga asanas that feel especially great mid- or post-hike. My husband and I spent our anniversary weekend in the Smoky Mountains, much of it doing the yoga of hiking. Hiking in the mountains puts you fully in the moment and primes you for connection—for the recognition… Read more »