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Active Yogi: Find Comfort in Sitting

If you’ve been in a class with me, you might have noticed I prefer kneeling over sitting as a closing posture. What you may not have noticed is the block hidden under my sitting bones! In my latest Active Yogi post, I explain ways to make kneeling more accessible. Yoga’s physical poses are designed to… Read more »

Active Yogi: Breaktime Shoulder Stretches

My latest post for Active Yogi is easy to follow along with as you read. Stand up as you read to further relieve your body from stress! Even if you’re an active athlete, you probably still have to spend hours each day at work, usually sitting with your hands on a keyboard. Taking frequent breaks… Read more »

Active Yogi: Tricky Transitions

Continuing a series of balance-pose sequences to build glute strength, my latest post for Active Yogi is on the move from Lord of the Dance (Dancer) to Warrior III—and possibly back. Transitions can be tricky. Practiced well, they can give us a brief moment outside time, a chance to reset and repurpose our energy toward… Read more »

Active Yogi: Challenge Your Glutes

If you’ve been in my class lately, you’ve discovered the cumulative challenge of doing all your standing balance poses on one side before repeating them on the other. This helps build strength in your rear end, an important thing! My latest for Active Yogi describes one approach. Practicing your standing balance poses in a continuous… Read more »

Active Yogi: Form and Breath

My latest for Active Yogi expounds on my favorite mantra: form and breath. For athletes in every sport, the focus of attention is form and breath. We look for the right form for the moment, and we use a breath that serves the needs of the form we take. Read more at Yoga Journal →

Active Yogi: Breaking the Glass

It’s useful to question your assumptions about alignment, provided you can do it pain-free. Breaking out of the traditional “panes of glass” alignment can help you find new freedom in yoga poses, as I detail in my latest post for Active Yogi. Without mobility around the shoulders, many actions of daily living—not to mention sports—are… Read more »

Active Yogi: Focus on the Tour de France

My latest for Active Yogi looks at the various focusing skills needed for bike racing—or other important activities. The Tour de France offers us an interesting study of the focus skills yoga teaches—skills we’ve looked at in terms of focus. A mass-start, sprint-finish bicycle race requires this simultaneous awareness. Where are the other riders? What moves… Read more »

Active Yogi: Choosing a Teacher

My latest post for Yoga Journal includes an analogy that could be extended to bike frames, wetsuits, or golf clubs. It’s about finding the right yoga teacher to serve your current needs. I’ve just wrapped up teaching a five-day intensive for yoga teachers on working with athletes. It was a wonderful group of enthusiastic, kind,… Read more »