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Active Yogi: 108 Steps

My latest post for Active Yogi at Yoga Journal describes climbing Old Baldy, the lighthouse on Bald Head Island with rickety steps, dark landings, and a trap door to the top. Intention, form, and breath got me up, along with some goading from my kids.

Active Yogi: Pinwheel Pigeon

My latest piece for Yoga Journal’s Active Yogi blog details a variation on pigeon that’s helpful for folks with tight hips and bum knees. We’ve been enjoying it in class lately, and you can see it as part of the “Christina’s World” set of hip stretches at YogaVibes.

Active Yogi: Explore Your Hamstrings

When you focus on stretching your hamstrings—something I hope you do, if they are tight—be sure to think globally. The outer and inner edges of the backs of the thigh need attention, too, as I explain in my latest post for my Yoga Journal blog, Active Yogi.

Active Yogi: Stress and Rest

Greetings from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Rest, where I am leading an intensive on teaching yoga to athletes. Yesterday, we talked about progressive overload—the proper application of stress and rest. And fittingly, that’s the topic for the latest blog post at Active Yogi at Yoga Journal. Please check it out.