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Bonjour America

Click here to enjoy Cyrille de Lasteyrie’s engaging disquisition on French cheese. As he says, “You’ll be scared, and then you’ll learn a few things about cheese.”

Condi for Commissioner

Wouldn’t some problems be solved by posting Condoleezza Rice as NFL commissioner? She’s said it’s her dream job.

Big Trip

I just dropped off my parents and my five-year-old at the airport. They’re spending ten days in a thatched cottage in the English countryside. It’s Lily’s first plane trip, first time outside the country—first time outside the VA-NC-SC tristate region! Here she is, just after she carefully signed her passport and just before she got… Read more »

This Is Our Town

The Chapel Hill High senior class gift: a biodiesel processor. The only thing that would make it better is if it were the James Brown Funk Spirit High senior class gift.


Wooooo! Go, Heels! Roy, you are my Coach of the Year. Tyler, how nice to see that almost-tearful smile of joy.

Gallows Humor

The history of ECU I’ve been working on is a little dry. For example, one chapter was a line-by-line description of the university’s five-year plans since 1975. Imagine my delight at finding this story buried deep in the chapter on the history of the medical school. It’s told by the first dean of the school,… Read more »

ACC Cartoons

Click here to see a great satirical clip about the man we love to hate, Rat Face himself. Go, Heels!

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em

My two-and-a-half-year-old found my stash. She was halfway through a two-inch-by-two-inch square of Valrhona when I discovered it. Since it was already covered with slobber, we sat together on the stairs and put it away. Might as well join ’em. The picture—derivative of Bear’s, I know—and the smears around her mouth show her triumph. And… Read more »

The Price of a Good Night’s Sleep

With my cold entering week 4, it’s been a while since I got a good night’s sleep. First it was congestion, then a weird shoulder complaint, then the stress of Guava’s demise. While visiting Banjo and Bear last weekend, I slept pretty well on their guest-room pillow, so yesterday I got one of my own…. Read more »

Guava Francine Roundhead, 1992–2006

We ran over our cat last night, and she died. She was fourteen (or so). Lately she’d lost a step and was having problems jumping to chair level. I noticed her limping a little. And she had begun cutting her run into the garage as we pulled in closer and closer. We’ve been commenting about… Read more »