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Happy Dirt Day

Lily’s fifth birthday was celebrated in style, with four friends, three family members, two games of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and one wild wagon ride, courtesy of Cousin Jay.

Bad Taste

Which of these cousins has the more offensive T-shirt? Depends on your politics and gender. Big, buff Cousin Jay is taking Team Beaver a little too far. Lily, in the bottom right corner, does not look amused.

"NO! I not gonna do it!"

It just struck me: Saddam Hussein is acting like a two-year-old. How do you keep a child in bed who doesn’t want to be there? Persuasion isn’t effective; threats carry little weight (what does Saddam have to lose? He’s said he’s not afraid of execution); your last resort is force (the imprisonment of the crib… Read more »

Christmas Traditions

“Hey! Dat Panter up dere!” And when the creche was set up and explained, “Yeah, dat Baby Judas.” Not quite.

Cocoa Fix

Vivi’s coming down with a cold and had a crummy day. Hot chocolate to the rescue!