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Even More Banjo Jokes

In case your appetite is now whetted, you can find more banjo jokes at these sites: Etc. Just Google “banjo jokes.”

Banjo Jokes

Courtney rightly points out that I called the banjo in “Take It Easy” a mandolin. A mandolin (the Sage-o-lin) my father made me hangs over my desk, so maybe that caused the slip, but since my father’s grandfather name is Banjo, you can tell I should have known better. Our favorite song of Dad’s is… Read more »

I Am a Porsche

On the verge of buying a new car (the old one was about to drop its transmission on NC 54), I’ve learned that . . . I’m a Porsche 911! You have a classic style, but you’re up-to-date with the latest technology. You’re ambitious, competitive, and you love to win. Performance, precision, and prestige –… Read more »

This Month’s Ad

Here is my ad for the April issue of Endurance. It shows up a little funny here but looks good in reality. Spacing didn’t let me say exactly what the lessons are in the lessons line; I hope it’s obvious enough from the word YOGA below. You’ll see that I’ve gone with a different format… Read more »

Mom’s Debut

My mother, whose photographs I’ve often posted here, has created a Web site as part of one of her photography courses. There are some beautiful pictures on it—I invite you to cruise over, browse through, and send her a comment:

Podcast Episode 3: Nine-Minute Abs

Podcast episode 3 is up, with some nice if slightly eerie music from Magnatune. It will work your core from a number of different directions, so prepare yourself for some effort! The photos and voice cues are a little subpar, in my mind. Wes framed the pictures wonderfully when he shot them, but I needed… Read more »

Fug, Yeah

My daily pop-culture update comes from reading “The Fix” on Salon while eating dried apricots as a lunch dessert. After that, I turn to Go Fug Yourself for some schadenfreude. The writing is catty but brilliant, and the post-Oscar rundown is inspired.

I Need Ad Advice

Now that I have a gorgeous logo, I’m going to change my ad in Endurance Magazine to highlight my expanded services (private lessons, podcast, the USAT credential). I can run a color ad as part of the editing trade arrangement, and I can run one in the Charlotte issue, too. (Thanks, Steve!) How should I… Read more »

John in the Times

My brother, who works for the independent news program Democracy Now, has just become a New York Times photographer of sorts! He shared footage that he caught wearing his in-line skates at a Critical Mass rally. You can see the credit (John Hamilton) in the pictures, but if you click the “multimedia” button, you’ll hear… Read more »