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More Sportswriting

My very fast friend Heidi sent me this piece on my very fast new friend, Henry. Between them and my very fast friends in the Janes, I am in good company, a tortoise among hares.

Works in Progress

I’ve been working my trade connections to get a logo for Sage Yoga Training (the tentative title of the “boutique”). I think it’s going to look great; when it’s final, I’ll share it here. I’ve grabbed the domain name, though I haven’t figured out how to direct it where I want it to go…. Read more »

Ten Years Ago Today

Subject: Re: congratsDate: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 16:50:46 -0500 (EST)From: Wes Rountree To: billy hamilton Billy,I must tell you that I just got the ring and that I will be unable tokeep it for very long. My plans have changed, so I ask you for Sage’shand in marriage. Actually I will ask her tonight, but… Read more »

We’ve Got Funk Spirit, Yes, We Do!

Two things (at least two things) have made us laugh in the last few hours. One was the ad, the Web site, and the concept of the Fathead, a large poster of your favorite NFL team’s helmet. Last night we were very close to getting them at Christmas gifts for Wes’s father and my mother,… Read more »

Obsessed by Capitalism, Redux

I’ve been wanting to see inside this house, three blocks away and in the school district (versus the other big one I discussed Sunday). My friends say it was even more modern but the sellers toned it down. The stainless-steel countertops are great. Check out the pictures. Now, what could Dad mean by “obsessed by… Read more »