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Big Sur Race Report

I’ve posted a Big Sur race report. My intention when I write such things is to share something of use to those who might run the same event, or approach another from a similar angle. (This race’s angle: watchless running.) Big Sur International Marathon, 2011 with the Runner’s World Challenge Running this gorgeous race, on… Read more »

Teaching Yoga to Athletes

Jessica, a marathoner, triathlete, and yoga teacher, wrote me from San Diego, asking about how to get started in the field of teaching yoga to athletes. I was heartened to hear that she actively trains and competes. It’s certainly not a prerequisite for teaching a great class for athletes, but it definitely helps to be… Read more »

Recovery Matters

One of my yoga students asked me an interesting question after class Thursday evening. She’s taken up breakdancing (it’s a natural fit with yoga!) and is finding her forearms aren’t recovering well. “Is it possible,” she asked, “to have shin splints in your arms?” Indeed it is, and as another of my breakdancing yoginis added… Read more »

Unscheduled Rest

In this piece for Lava Magazine, I write on the benefits of scheduled rest. We need to build downtime into our training and life plans, so that our bodies have time to cope with the stresses we throw at them. Sometimes—as when, say, a winter full of inclement weather keeps icing the roads—we have unscheduled… Read more »

Recovery Video Series: Part 1

In March, I spent two lovely days in sunny San Diego (stay classy!) filming a video series on athletic recovery and hanging out with two fantastic and inspiring role models: the preternaturally prolific fitness writer Matt Fitzgerald and the lovely, fiery, and fun yoga teacher/attorney Ingrid Yang. (You can find Matt’s books here and Ingrid’s… Read more »

Postmatch Recovery

Day three of the amazing Isner-Mahut match at Wimbledon, and I’m fascinated to hear commentators’ take on recovery techniques (my passionate interest this year). John McEnroe said this would take six months out of the players’ careers, because the recovery will be so long. A BBC commentator said, “Two massages a day for two weeks… Read more »

Wall Folds and Twists

I’ve just put up a new episode of Sage Yoga Training—my podcast of short yoga routines for athletes and everyone—this one with some very relaxing, gentle folds and twists using a wall for support. You can download it in iTunes, watch it on YouTube, or simply play it from here (though the quality of the… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: Relax

Relax Relax. This thirteen-minute sequence leads you in relaxing poses perfect for unwinding after a race, game, or long workout, or simply before bedtime. You’ll gently stretch your entire body: legs, hips, chest, back, and arms. Linger in these postures, breathing calmly and relaxing fully. We end with a long hold of legs up the… Read more »