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Read: Legs Up

Continuing my advice over on the prAna blog that we avoid sitting as much as possible, I have a new post up on lying down with your legs up. Click on over! This could be a new trend like planking . . .

Read: 10 Yoga Poses for Runners

It was fun to work with the nice guys at Men’s Journal to come up with ten yoga poses of special benefit for runners. We worked with yoga instructor and endurance sports coach Sage Rountree, which is actually her real name, to identify 10 yoga poses that will improve your running game. Rountree, herself an accomplished athlete,… Read more »

Serious Recovery: Supported Child’s Pose

My latest entry for Serious Recovery describes one of my favorite unwinding poses: supported child’s pose. When your lower back is sore, your neck is tired, and your legs are shot, there’s little better than coming into supported child’s pose, a restorative version of a familiar yoga posture. You’ll receive a gentle stretch for your… Read more »

Shoring up the Banks

Some lightly-used railroad tracks bisect the forest where I run. On rare occasion, my run is delayed by a passing train; it’s always a little thrilling to watch it rumble by as I catch my breath. Yesterday, two friends and I approached the tracks as a train was coming. We were intrigued to see what… Read more »

Walking Like an Unsore Person

A few years ago, I heard Michael Caine say that early in his acting career, he was to play a drunk man onstage. His director corrected his performance by pointing out that a drunk person is trying to appear sober, so his acting should be to play sober, not drunk. This tidbit comes to mind… Read more »

Meet The Runner’s Guide to Yoga

My latest book, The Runner’s Guide to Yoga, is hitting bookstores now. (Please scoot over to Amazon and order yourself a copy!) This book isn’t a replacement for The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga, but it does make a nice complement to that book. My intention for this book is to give runners specific tools from the yoga… Read more »

Practicing What I Preach

After running the forty-mile Mount Mitchell Challenge ten days ago, up and down the highest peak in the eastern United States, I’m in recovery mode. And it’s very tough! As author of The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery, I know just what I ought to be doing, but I’m finding it very tough to be patient… Read more »