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Active Yogi: Stress and Rest

Greetings from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Rest, where I am leading an intensive on teaching yoga to athletes. Yesterday, we talked about progressive overload—the proper application of stress and rest. And fittingly, that’s the topic for the latest blog post at Active Yogi at Yoga Journal. Please check it out.

Thoughts on the RW Run Streak

As the author of a book (The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery) and a column (Serious Recovery) on recovery, I take rest seriously and hold my rest days as sacrosanct. But as a coach, I like to try out various approaches to see how they feel. With an open mind, then, I joined my colleagues and readers… Read more »

Sage Advice: Shin Splints

A reader asked me for advice to share with a yoga student on shin splints. Here, my yoga books are less germane and The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery is more useful. Shin splints usually result from an imbalance between work and rest—too much mileage, too soon, and sometimes on too hard a surface. Things to check… Read more »

Serious Recovery: Fresh or Frazzled?

My newest installment in the Serious Recovery series at Lava Magazine talks about ways to qualify the state of your recovery. Are you tired all the time? It could be the heat, or it could be your training. Listen to your body, your family, and your friends—they have valuable insight that your ego might not… Read more »

Sage Advice: R+R

I have a healthy stack of questions building up in my e-mail inbox, things readers and athletes have asked me. Thinking the answers might apply more generally, I’ll be posting them here in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, please see my Q+A over at Another Mother Runner, Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell’s fantastic site… Read more »