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Scheduled: Preview Provence Perfectly

Looking for the vacation of a lifetime, full of yoga, hiking, gorgeous views, and wonderful food? Join Sage Rountree in Provence in June! In this information session with Sage and hosts Liz Priestley and Claire de la Varre, we’ll preview the fun we’ll have with some beautiful photography as we snack on wine and cheese… Read more »

Cyber Monday: Free Shipping

Buy any of my books straight from me today, and I’ll not only personalize them for you, I’ll also foot the bill for shipping. These make a wonderful holiday gift for the yogis and athletes in your life! Get started here.

Dancing Dogs Yoga Greensboro Practice Notes

On State Street in Greensboro, NC, Libby Ramsey has built a beautiful studio. Dancing Dogs Greensboro has just moved to a bigger space, and it couldn’t be any prettier, any more welcoming, or home to any better crew than those who came to my workshop yesterday. Thanks, y’all! As promised, here are our practice notes. Warmup… Read more »

Listen: Women’s Running Telesummit

Wouldn’t you like to learn how to: Train more efficiently and effectively so that you can improve your running without spending extra precious time? Practice optimal nutrition for performance and maintaining your ideal weight? Prevent and treat injuries so you can avoid frustrating layoffs that derail your progress? Run your personal best, regardless of the… Read more »

Read: Match Your Practice to Your Season

Periodizing your yoga practice is especially important as you age—it takes us masters athletes longer to recover between hard workouts. Here’s an overview I wrote for Yoga for Aging Athletes. If you compete in a sport, your training follows a cycle that should build in progressive stages to your peak competitions, then allow for downtime before… Read more »

Sage Advice: What Changed?

Like many yoga teachers, often I find students asking me questions after class about ways to relieve a pain that’s newly emerged. In general, I shy away from answering such questions—I’m not that kind of doctor, but if you need a literary text critically analyzed, let me know—and I encourage my teacher trainees to acknowledge… Read more »

Yoga for Aging Athletes: Core Engagement 101

Over at Yoga for Aging Athletes, Alexandra has posted a piece—including a video—explaining core engagement. A highlight: you can like your cupcakes and still have a strong core! In our “Basics” posts, you’ll find quick overviews and tutorials for basic ways to stay strong and healthy. Let’s start with the most basic of basics: core… Read more »

Read: Music to Make Triathlon Training Fly By

Facing down a winter of indoor training is less brutal when you’ve got good music. I wrote a piece for my friends at Wanderlust with suggestions on how music can inspire your training, along with Google Play channel recommendations (I truly do love Google Play’s curated stations). Training for a swim-bike-run triathlon means many hours of… Read more »