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Listen: Mindful Musings Podcast

It’s always a treat to give podcast interviews, but it’s especially fun to do with a once-and-future student like Elicia, with whom I spoke for her Mindful Musings podcast. We discussed yoga as a means to mindful presence, and I hope you’ll enjoy listening! Click here for the podcast—we spoke on episode four. And find… Read more »

Listen: East West Functional Medicine Podcast

It was a special treat to chat with Sarajean Rudman for her East West Functional Medicine podcast. Sarajean is a bright light of a teacher, positive and curious, and taking her yoga classes is always a highlight of my visits to the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts. For the podcast, we discuss… Read more »

Listen: Another Mother Runner Podcast on Racing Wisely

It’s always a fun conversation on Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell’s Another Mother Runner podcast. I joined them to discuss Racing Wisely, intention and goals, and smart pacing. I suggested they need to be lazy and stubborn; in exchange, they somehow pegged me as Shirley from Laverne and Shirley. Maybe worse things could happen—Shirley had… Read more »

Watch: FREE Yoga for Runners

Thanks to YogaVibes and prAna, I have a treat for you! It’s a free video with a series of short yoga routines to do before, during, and after your run. All are simple and can be done in a parking lot, trailhead, or—if you want to repurpose them—office cubicle. No mat required! These will be… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: Reclining Twists

Reclining Twists A relaxing series of reclining twists to stretch the chest and shoulders while releasing the hips. All you need for practice is a comfortable surface to recline on: a padded floor, a grassy field, or your bed. Music for this episode is from the album Hidden Sky by Jami Sieber, available at

Sage Yoga Training: Backbends

Backbends This eight-minute episode features moderate-intensity backbends from a lunge, then builds to camel pose. You’ll stretch the quads, hip flexors (iliopsoas), and chest, while building back strength, balance, and mental focus. The routine is especially good for cyclists—or anyone who spends a lot of time sitting or slumping. Practice on a soft surface or… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: Core and More

Core and More Use this sequence at the end of your workout to improve core strength and flexibility. We’ll alternate core-stabilizing poses and stretches, holding each core pose twice and enjoying each stretch twice. Feel free to move out of the poses or modify according to your needs. Music for the episode is “Man of… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: Yin Hips

Yin Hips The long holds of simple poses described in this podcast follow the yin yoga style, designed to work deeply in the connective tissue around the pelvis, spine, and joints. The poses will challenge your endurance; you may find the mental experience is very similar to that of a long training session race. If… Read more »